PANZER: Return more than solidified!

Many bands that have had success in the past and dissolved, saw on their return, a way to relive those years. Other preferred to get back and show that still has much to give for the music. Is the case of PANZER.

Since returning last year, ten years after closing the activities, PANZER has been working diligently to relocate its name in the proper place: one of the leading exponents of Brazilian Metal.

And this work is having a positive effect. With two releases only in the second half of last year – the single ‘Rising’ and the EP ‘Brazilian Threat’ – the group has been recovering its space and gaining a new one. Proof of this are the numerous positive reviews – some top marks! – And nominations as best release, including best video.

We separated a few quotes to show what journalists think about this:

“One of the best releases of the last year” – Pólvora Zine
“The return of these musicians brings another powerful name on the national scene” – Metal Clube
“Triumphant return of one of the best thrash metal bands in the country” – Road to Metal
“One of the most powerful releases this year” – Whiplash!
“The heaviest thrasher division of the country” – Metal Samsara
“I had no words to describe how phenomenal this EP is” – Die Fight
“Fierce, wild and irresistible” – Sentinel Magazine (Spain)
“Honor the entire support associated with its name” – Hellyeah

The coolest thing is that both works are available for free download. Download here: